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Congratulations!  You've found this page because you have received a coupon for a free Bare Feet Fitness class!


Here are the details for your free class offer: When you purchase a class pass, you will receive one additional class at NO CHARGE!  up to a $17 dollar value!

Please don’t feel you have to be “really fit” to join my classes. My classes are for EVERYONE!  Just do what you can.  My classes have a vast age range, from teens to seniors. Some of my clients have received positive results within their first class, and other gain benefits after just a few sessions: some are taking less anti-inflammatories, have improved range of motion, lowered blood pressure, no knee pain, doesn’t that sound good?

Details of free class offer

  • Other classes at Austin Bellydance do not apply to this offer. 

  • Classes at Austin Bellydance are paid to Amy Davis.

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