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Some extras to inspire, motivate, perhaps to change your life...

Below are some things I have found, read, seen or discovered which have changed my life, made me feel differently, or enhanced the way I live.    I hope you find them life changing as well. ~Amy



The Apostolate of Smiling by Rev.Bruno Hagspiel, SVD
When I was young, my grandma gave me a little folded card with the following text on it.   After reading it I couldn't wait to start smiling at people.

Just a little smile on your lips:
 Cheers your heart
 Keeps you in good humor
 Preserves peace in your soul
 Promotes your health
 Beautifies your face
 Induces kindly thoughts
 Inspires kindly deeds.

Smile to yourself until you notice that your constant seriousness, or even severity, has vanished.
Smile to yourself until you have warmed your own heart with the sunshine of your cheery countenance.


Then... go out - and radiate your smile. That Smile has work to do - work to do for God. You are an apostle now, and your smile is your instrument for winning souls. Sanctifying Grace dwelling in your soul will give the special charm to your smile which will render it productive of much good.

Smile on the lonely faces
Smile on the timid faces
Smile on the sorrowful faces
Smile on the sickly faces
Smile on the fresh young faces
Smile on the wrinkled old faces

Smile on the familiar faces of your family and friends - let all enjoy the beauty and inspiring cheer on your smiling face.

Count: If you will, the number of smiles your smile has drawn from others in one day. The number will represent how many times you have promoted contentment, joy, satisfaction, encouragement, or confidence in the hearts of others. These good dispositions always give birth to unselfish acts and noble deeds. The influence of your smile is spreading, though you do not always see the wonder it is working.

Your smile can bring new life and hope and courage into the hearts of the weary, the overburdened, the discouraged, the tempted, the despairing.

Your smile can help to develop vocations, if you are a Priest, a Brother, or a Sister.
 Your smile can be the beginning of the conversions to the Faith.
 Your smile can prepare the way for a sinner's return to God.
 Your smile can win for you a host of devoted friends.

Smile, too, at God ...Smiling at God is loving acceptance of whatever He sends into your life, and you will merit to have the radiantly Smiling Face Of Christ gaze on you with special love throughout eternity.

"Lord To Whom Shall We Go?" by Timothy Cardinal Dolan

This is a book from one of my favorite writers, and someone who embodies the Apostolate of Smiling.  This book is a powerful, yet fun read.  It will inspire you, even in your humility, to do better, be better, live better.  Cardinal Dolan's writing style is very conversational.  You feel as if you are sitting across the living room or the dinner table and enjoying a great moment as you read his books.  I especially loved Chapter Five.  Get it, read it, pass it on!  Click on Cardinal Dolan for a new window to open up to find this book.

The Iron Nun- Sister Madonna Buder

Maybe you saw the Nike commercial featuring the "Iron Nun" during the 2016 Summer Olympics. The commercial ended with the words,  "Do your thing sister, do your thing."  She's an inspiration to all of us, It's never too late and what you do has the ability to inspire others.  Click the shoe for an interview with Sister Madonna Buder.  "Serve the world with who you are." 

The Fuzz Speech by Dr. Gil Hedley

All I can say it watch this.  It will give you a new perspective on movement and your body.  Click the fuzzy peach to get to the video.

Are You Getting Older or Just Drying Out?

by Thomas Myers

If you loved the Fuzz Speech and want to learn more about the "Fuzz"---Fascia, here's a different view addressing aging and your fascia.


Click the picture with the person taking the pulse of her patient to view a You Tube presentation on Fascia.

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